Weight Loss

Weight LossAn important factor in longevity and healthy, youthful living is maintaining an appropriate weight and exercise regimen.  Most Americans get little education on proper nutrition and fall victim to marketing, government misguidance and convenience.  And at the same time, what exercise we do make time for is often not very productive.

At Youthful Edge, we provide you a personal plan to correct these problem areas.  With the proper tools for healthy nutrition and supervised exercise regimens, our patients see benefits within a short period of time.  Clients experience improved energy, stamina, muscle tone, weight loss, and sleep patterns.  All while improving stress levels as well. 

This integral part of the Youthful Edge program is key and will be tailored to the clients specific needs and nutritional likes.  And we don’t just set you on the path and let you go.  We will be there every step of the way with you.  You will have twelve weeks of personal training (which can easily be extended for a reasonable fee) as well as our staff monitoring your diet and weight progress.  If we see you are not making the progress we and you expect, we will be there to encourage you and help sort out hurdles you may run into. 

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