How it Works

  1. You set up an Initial consultation appointment through our “Get Started” page. There is $50 fee for this appointment but it is fully refundable if you decide to move forward with one of our clinic options. We typically meet with new clients on Tuesday and Friday mornings but can accommodate extenuating circumstances if those days are impossible for your schedule.
  2. You should arrive 15 minutes early at our office to complete the pre-consultation paperwork or you can arrive 5 minutes early if you prefer to complete and submit this paperwork on our “Client Forms” page.
  3. Unlike other medical practices, we recognize our client’s time as important and take it very seriously. Therefore, our goal and pledge is to have you with one of our professional staff members within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment. This means you will not see a crowded waiting room as we do not overbook our clients. We view each client as a critical part to our success and long term goals so you will not feel like a number or piece of an assembly being moved through the process.
  4. During your consultation you will meet with a client advisor who will review your pre-consultation paperwork and discuss your health needs as well as the programs offered at The Youthful Edge and Healthy Living Clinic. Towards the end of your consultation the physician will join you to answer any additional questions you may have. Your consultation can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your health needs and knowledge interest regarding the therapeutic programs the clinic offers.
  5. At the end of your consultation, if you decide you want your “Youthful Edge” back then the next step is a thorough physical examination by one of our physicians followed by a comprehensive blood chemistry analysis. This can be accomplished at the conclusion of your initial consultation or scheduled for a later date. Please allow 30 additional minutes for this appointment. If you believe you would like to complete this step the same day then please refrain from eating any foods prior to your appointment and subsequent bloodwork.
  6. You’ll return in 2 weeks to discuss the results of the blood work as well as your custom tailored program for success, longevity, and re-capturing your “Youthful Edge.” This will involve meetings with our Physician as well as our Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. You will be given scripts for any necessary hormone replacements and instructions for use, an array of supplements optimized specifically for you and your specific anti-aging goals, a diet and exercise plan optimized specific for your anti-aging and weight loss goals. Weight and body measurements will be taken to serve as a baseline for your successful journey to health and longevity. If your blood work indicates additional testing should be performed those tests will be discussed with you and if your blood work reveals a more serious concern we will discuss those results as well as refer you to a specialist to address your specific healthcare needs (e.g. Cardiologist, Oncologist, etc…).
  7. Included in our program fee is (12) 1 hour weekly sessions with our Certified Personal Trainer as well as our success tracking program. This is where each week you will log into our website and input your diet and exercise progress. Our staff members will monitor each client’s progress and if compliance to the program appears to be waning or if success is not forthcoming we will reach out to you for a follow up visit. We not only give you the tools for success, we hold you accountable by monitoring your progress.
  8. Your lab work will be monitored periodically to ensure your specifically designed therapeutic program is working and has optimized your blood chemistry levels.

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