About Dr. Paul Jennewine

Paul Jennewine M.D. is a board certified internal medicine specialist. He has been in clinical practice for over fifteen years. Dr. Jennewine completed his medical training at The University of Toledo Medical Center. He distinguished himself during this training receiving one of the programs highest honors with the Patrick J. Mulrow Prize in Medicine.

He then pursued a busy private practice here in southwest Ohio. He has treated countless patients with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and many other chronic medical conditions. During this time he noticed a tremendous number of people who complained of the same situation. They experienced fatigue, difficulty with concentration, poor sleep, weight gain, and decreased libido. These patients would often comment that they were “just getting older and couldn’t do anything about it.” He himself was noticing some of these same changes and thought surely there must be some way to slow down or even reverse the “aging process”.   And thus began in depth research into nutrition, aging, metabolism, exercise, and hormone replacement.

In collaboration with scientists, nutrition experts, and certified trainers they developed a program to improve the way the body ages. Dr. Jennewine found it impossible to implement this program into his traditional medical practice due to the constraints of third party payers. Out of this frustration came The Youthful Edge and Healthy Living Clinic. A place where a patient can get the personalized evaluation, diagnostic testing and lifestyle changes unique to them.  They will get the personal attention and support to enable them to live longer, healthier, and regain that Youthful Edge.

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