The Youthful Edge and Healthy Living Clinic is today’s answer to living a longer, healthier, more youthful, energetic and enjoyable life. Our mission is to restore hormones and other body chemicals, body fat % and muscle mass, to the optimal levels of a healthy and vibrant person in their twenty’s.

This is accomplished through a unique and custom designed program tailored to each individual’s specific needs. It is developed using thorough physical examination and blood chemistry analysis. From there a personal plan including nutrition, exercise, and supplementation is developed. This plan may also include hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In addition, our professional staff provides ongoing supervision and moral support along your journey to healthy living and longevity.

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Hormone Replacement for Women

Many women can benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy(BHRT). A woman can be peri- or post menopausal, lacking estrogen and/or progesterone. Surprising to many, women also can be lacking in testosterone as well.

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